A life well lived

I was recently featured on SoulAnatomy with Teen Vogue writer Brianna Wiest.  The piece is entitled ” Success is the sum total of a life well lived.” Check it out and let me know what you think. “Success is the sum total of a life well lived.” Advertisements

Rewriting Yourself: The power of words and names

Recently, I had the opportunity to see just how much words and names can really affect a person’s life. I have the pleasure of working with a young woman who recently reminded me of this universal truth. Within our coworking relationship, I had the chance to see an evolution take place within her heart and […]

Finding your Passion in Life

People sometimes ask me why I write. For a long time, i had no clue why I do.It doesn’t pay my immediate bills and it is long and often lonely work. But this not knowing why made me question this passion of mine and why  i have it. It made me want to know how someone found out the meaning […]